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  • Should You Cash-Out Your Properties Now? Yes! No! Maybe?

    Is now the time to cash out a rental property? With high property values, it may seem so. But inflation's impact might make you think again.

  • Why Do Hard-Money Lenders Require a Personal Guarantee?

    Why would an asset-backed loan require a personal guarantee? Isn't the asset's value enough security? Read on to learn why it may not be.

  • Rehab Loans – Where’s My Money?

    Wondering why a lender won't give you your rehab funds up front? Learn what construction draws are and why lenders use them.

  • Why Green Block won’t lend on Detroit Land Bank homes

    According to its website, the Detroit Land Bank Authority (DLBA) is tasked with “returning the city’s blighted and vacant properties to productive use…

  • What is the difference between a Cash-out and Refi?

    Cash-out, refi, and cash-out refi are different types of loans. Understanding the difference is important when speaking with a lender.

  • The State of Private Money: Where Has the Money Gone?

    “You’re still lending?!” the broker calling me yelled in disbelief. For now, I thought. “I have a client, makes over two hundred-thousand...

  • Hard Money Case Study: The Importance of Thorough Due Diligence

    A case study that presents Green Block Inc.'s analysis process and the importance of due diligence when applying for a loan.

  • How To Choose A Hard Money Lender

    Choosing the right lender can determine your real estate investing success. The primary considerations are: price, terms, and speed.

  • Red Flag! Don’t Work With These Lenders!

    When it comes to identifying the best lender for you, keep an eye out for red flags. Hard money lenders in Michigan don’t have to adhere...

  • Top 10 Questions You Should Ask a Hard Money Lender About Terms

    Asking the right questions is key when borrowing money from any lender. Obviously, it will allow you to make the most informed decision....