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Fix and Flip Loans

Rehab and construction loans for residential properties

Green Block’s fix-and-flip loans, often referred to as rehab loans or construction loans, are short-term loans (usually up to 12 months) offered to real estate investors to purchase and improve a property to be sold for a profit. These are non-QM (non-qualified mortgages) designed specifically with real estate investors in mind. We fund rehabs that are as simple as paint and carpet replacement or as complicated as a tearing the property down to the studs and rebuilding.

High LTVs

Fast Funding

Non-QM Loans

Fix and Flip Financing Details

1 – 4 Units

5+ Units & Mixed Use

Loan to Value (LTV) Up to 85% of purchase price + 100% of rehab (not to exceed 70% of ARV) Up to 80% of purchase price + 100% of rehab (not to exceed 70% of ARV)
Term 12-18 months with no pre-payment penalty 12-18 months with no pre-payment penalty
Rates Starting at 11.49% Starting at 11.49%
Property Types Non-owner occupied 1-4 units, condos, townhomes Multi-Family Apartment Buildings (5+ Units); Mixed-Use Buildings (Residential Space Must Be Greater Than 50% of Square Footage)
Minimum Experience None None
Minimum FICO 620 620
Loan Amount $50,000 – $2 million $250,000 – $3 million
Minimum Property Value $100,000 $35,000 per door
Borrower Type US-based business entities. Foreign National guarantors permitted. US-based business entities. Foreign National guarantors permitted.
Rehab Funds Funded via Draws Funded via Draws

Fix and Flip Loan Application Process

Our loan process is simple – designed to help you close quickly and seamlessly. We know that time is money and our team’s goal is to help you move fast.

Apply for Loan

Upload required documents to our secure online loan portal

Underwriting reviews the file


Draw Process

Funds for rehab and construction work are distributed via draws. This process is quick and easy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your loan fees?2022-08-21T13:36:16-04:00

We believe in transparency. Please review our 1-4 Unit Fix-and-Flip Guidelines or our Multi-Family Fix-and-Flip Guidelines for a list of our fees.

Who can borrow?2022-05-22T18:24:24-04:00

Our loans are for real estate investors looking to purchase, rehab, refinance, cash-out, or build investment properties. We lend only to legal business entities such as LLCs, LPs, or Corporations domiciled in the United States. We do not lend to individuals.

Can I refinance the fix and flip loan through Green Block?2022-05-22T16:57:32-04:00

Yes! We offer long-term 30 year rental loans for properties you intend to hold. We can refinance or cash-out refinance your existing loan after you’ve held it for at least 90 days. While the long-term loan cannot close until at least 90 days after your existing short-term loan has been held, we can begin the processing and underwriting of the loan prior to 90 days.

How and when are rehab funds provided?2022-05-22T16:56:26-04:00

The rehab portion of the loan is not disbursed at the loan closing. Instead, the funds are provided via draws. Once a portion of the rehab work has been completed, the borrower submits a draw request. We send an inspector to verify the work. Draw funds are wired to you for completed work verified by the inspector.

What are your Fix & Flip loan requirements?2022-08-21T13:52:13-04:00

Please review a our 1-4 Unit Fix-and-Flip Guidelines or our Multi-Family Fix-and-Flip Guidelines for a list of requirements

What Are Fix and Flip Loans?2022-06-27T19:13:40-04:00

Fix and flip loans are short-term, real estate loans designed to help an investor purchase and renovate a property in order to sell it at a profit—generally within 12 to 18 months.

How do I getting started with Fix and Flip Loans?2022-06-27T19:15:22-04:00

If you’ve identified a target property or have one under contract, please feel free to APPLY. Green Block does not pre-qualify borrowers as our loans are asset-based. Your personal Debt-to-Income is not considered. Proof of Funds letters may be provided, upon request, once an application has been received.

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