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Rental Portfolio Loans

Finance multiple properties with one loan

Green Block’s Rental Portfolio Loans, sometimes referred to as Blanket Loans or Portfolio DSCR Loans, allow investors to finance multiple properties through one loan. Whether you’re purchasing, refinancing, or cashing-out your properties, our portfolio loan will streamline the loan process, consolidate your monthly payment into one, reduce your closing costs, and allow you to use higher performing rentals to offset lower performing rentals to qualify for the best terms.

High LTVs

Fast Funding

Non-QM Loans

Rental Portfolio Loan Details

Portfolio Size 3 – 20 properties (possible exception for larger portfolios)
Loan Types Purchase, Refinance, or Cash-out. All properties in a portfolio must use the same loan type.
Loan to Value (LTV) Purchase: The Lesser of Up to 80% of the As-Is Value or Up to 80% Loan-to-Cost

Refinance: Up to 80% of the As-Is Value

Cash-out: Up to 75% of the as-is value

Term 30 years
Amortization Amortization Fully amortized, fixed rate.
Hybrid ARMS (5/1, 7/1, 10/1) and Interest-Only Options available.
Prepayment Penalty 0 – 5 year step-down options available
Rates Starting at 7.49%
Property Types Non-owner occupied 1-4 units, condos, townhomes
DSCR Minimum 1.05 per property
Property Condition Rent-ready
Minimum Experience None
Minimum FICO 660
Loan Amount Minimum $55,000 per property. Max total loan size: $2 million
Minimum Property Value $75,000 per property as long as overall portfolio average is at least $100,000
Release Prices 120% of the allocated loan amount for each property released
Borrower Type US-based business entities. Foreign National guarantors permitted.

* Max LTV based on factors such FICO, experience, property type

Rental Portfolio Loan Application Process

Our loan process is simple – designed to help you close quickly and seamlessly. We know that time is money and our team’s goal is to help you move fast.

Apply for Loan

Upload required documents to our secure online loan portal

Underwriting reviews the file


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I sell or payoff properties in the portfolio? Is there a fee for doing so?2022-05-22T17:34:42-04:00

Properties may be sold or paid off as partial releases at pre-determined release prices equal to at least 120% of the loan amount for each property.

Can your portfolio loans be used for short-term financing?2022-05-22T17:32:54-04:00

Our portfolio loans are only available for long-term rental properties.

Do you offer portfolio loans on 5+ units and mixed-use properties?2022-05-22T17:32:04-04:00

No. Our portfolio loans are permitted only for properties consisting of 1-4 units.

Can the portfolio consist of properties with different loan types?2022-05-22T17:31:21-04:00

No. All properties in the loan must use the same loan type such as purchase, refinance, or cash-out. For instance, your portfolio cannot contain one property being purchased, another being refinanced, and additional properties being cashed-out.

Must all of the properties in the portfolio be the same type?2022-05-22T17:30:08-04:00

No. Portfolios can include any combination of 1-4 unit property types.

What is the minimum number of properties required for a portfolio?2022-05-22T17:28:01-04:00


What is a portfolio loan?2022-05-22T17:27:10-04:00

Rental portfolio loans allow investors to finance multiple properties (minimum of three) through one loan to purchase, refinance, or cash-out properties. These loans are structured similarly to our long-term rental/DSCR loans and have a term of 30 years.

Who can borrow?2022-05-22T18:24:24-04:00

Our loans are for real estate investors looking to purchase, rehab, refinance, cash-out, or build investment properties. We lend only to legal business entities such as LLCs, LPs, or Corporations domiciled in the United States. We do not lend to individuals.

What are the advantages of Portfolio Loans vs. single loans on the same properties?2022-05-22T17:29:16-04:00

The primary advantages include reduced closing costs as compared to one-off loans for each property, consolidation of your monthly loan payment as compared to multiple payments for one-off loans, the ability to use higher performing rentals to offset lower performing rentals to qualify for the best terms.

Does each property in the portfolio need to be appraised?2022-05-22T17:34:02-04:00

All properties in the portfolio require appraisals.

Can any of the properties be vacant?2022-07-03T16:32:59-04:00

For a purchase portfolio, properties must be leased within 90 days of closing. Refinance and Cash-out portfolios must be leased for loan to be approved.

Are taxes and insurance escrowed?2022-07-03T16:34:02-04:00

Yes, taxes and insurance are escrowed and included in your monthly interest payment.

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